The Toucan Trio

The Toucan Trio which includes Haggai Rechavia (guitar), Amir Milstein (flute) and Joca Parpignan (percussion and vocals) was formed in 1998. Three musicians who play Brazilian music from the Brazilian repertoire alongside original pieces.

As from 2001 the trio accompanied Caspi in the show“Brazil Summertime”- a show that also features Raquel Caspi as a singer, and included some of Jobim’s songs, Matti Caspi’s original songs arranged in a Brazilian style, and other Brazilian songs.

Haggai Rechavia:

“Matti is my favorite Israeli composer and arranger. A genius… the exposure from a young age to the enchanting harmonies, the unique sound and depth of his music, has affected deeply my musical personality. A large part of his music contains deep Brazilian influences and in a way he’s responsible for the Brazilian flourishment in me ever since. The ongoing collaboration with him is one of my musical career’s highlights, and I’m grateful to have to opportunity of sharing the stage with him”.

Matti Caspi:

“The Toucan Trio deserves every support and help in order to strengthen and establish this rare group as a milestone in the local culture and as first class ambassadors of Israeli art anywhere in the world, which will bring Israel massive appreciation and great honor”.

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