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A campaign for Meridol

July 24, 2003
Teva company, through the Kan Kesher Barel advertising agency, went on the 4th of July 2003 on a new campaign for the Meridol toothpaste. The star of the campaign is Matti Caspi, who’s known for his seriousness and for not smiling often. The campaign used Matti Caspi’s personal testimony that he used to suffer from (...) More

A very special birthday party

November 30, 2002
On November 30th 2002 we all gathered in Michal’s (Caspit) small apartment in Ramat Gan to celebrate with Matti and Raquel Matti’s 53rd birthday. It was one of the happiest and most touching events we were lucky to experience with his presence. Matti’s willingness to come and celebrate his birthday (...) More

A meeting between Matti Caspi and members of the website team

February 13, 2002
On February 13th 2002 there was a one-time meeting between Matti Caspi and members of the website team, at the Rozin hall in Ramat Aviv, under the title: “Meet the Artist”. The first part of the evening included a discussion between Matti and the participants, where questions were asked to which Matti answered thoroughly (...) More

Matti Caspi broadcasts on Radio mix

February 23, 2001
In the years 2000-2001 Matti Caspi broadcasted regularly on Radio Mix - 104 North. The two hour program was called “Friday is Back” and it included music edited by Caspi, recepies, discussions and premiere playings of his new songs. On his program from February 23rd 2001, Caspi reacts to what was published (...) More
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